Emrald Securities Services Group supports the State of Gabon

On Tuesday 10 May, the Emrald Securities Services Group, represented by its Chairman and CEO Mr Christian Din Dika, signed an agreement with the State of Gabon, represented by the Minister for Investment Promotion, Public-Private Partnerships and the Minister for the Improvement of the Business Environment, Mr Hugues Mbadinga Madiya, Mr Hugues Mbadinga Madiya and the Minister of Commerce and Small and Medium Enterprises Mr Yves Fernand MANFOUMBI, of a memorandum of understanding aimed at defining a framework of cooperation in order to achieve their common objectives of promoting Gabonese SMEs with high potential. This will result in their support, among other things, on the principles of good governance and business strategy, but also in financial assistance adapted to each of them, notably through guarantees. Within the framework of this partnership, the first operations are announced before the end of the first semester.