Created by the Emrald Securities Services (ESS) group with a view to satisfying its customers in Central Africa, ESS Bourse is entirely dedicated to the activities of the fnancial market which intends to profit from the emulation caused by the merger of the fnancial markets of Africa. to become one of the reference brokerage firms with expertise recognized by its peers, the regulatory authority and other financial market bodies.

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ESS Bourse

ESS Bourse works with States, institutions, large companies and SMEs with high potential to provide them with innovative solutions to their financial advice, financing and investment needs.

ESS Bourse Expertise


Made up of a team of professionals dedicated to financial arrangements and strategic advice, ESS Bourse is one of the specialists in fundraising, particularly on the bond market, where it regularly assumes the roles of arranger, lead manager and placement agent within placement unions.

The services offered are:

  • Investment advice

  • Introduction in bourse

  • Capital increases

  • Structuring and fundraising

  • Restructuring a company in difficulty

  • The search for strategic partners


Whether you want to buy or sell stocks, bonds, OTAs, BTAs or any other form of financial instrument, ESS Bourse as a broker has the best market technologies to easily and quickly execute your orders from collection until the final outcome.

Centered around customer satisfaction, the Emrald Securities Services Bourse offer is differentiated by the quality of the services and by close support for the customer in the implementation of his stock market investment projects.


We offer full support to our clients investing in securities, including the custody of securities for the maintenance of your securities portfolio and the monitoring of your client transactions. ESS Bourse provides them with a centralized service within the custodian which offer :

  • Securities management

  • The pledge

  • Dematerialization of Securities

  • Valuation and value event

  • Registration and payment-delivery