Approval number COSUMAF-FCP-06/2022
Category FCP Monetary
Recommended investment horizon 12 Months
Net asset value 10 000 FCFA
Frequency of Net Asset Value calculation Weekly
Entrance fees Free
Exit rights Free

Approved by COSUMAF, ESS TRESO PRIVILEGE mutual fund is a "Money Market" UCITS. Its objective is to ensure optimal and secure short-term management of investors' cash flow.

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With zero risk, your capital is secure


Benefit from an investment with no redemption fees


  • Realization of your short-term projects
  • Pledge of your shares as security for a bank loan
  • Diversification and short-term profitability of your cash flow


Possibility of recovering all or part of your investment, or of making an additional investment on a simple request.


Simple and quick subscription and redemption procedures.


Solution accessible from 10,000 FCFA.

  • 10,053 FCFA Net asset value as of August 23, 2022
  • 2 billion FCFA of assets under management in July 2022

Where to subscribe?

Place and procedures for obtaining information on the FCP: The information document, the latest annual and periodical documents of the FCP are available free of charge from ESS ASSET MANAGEMENT and in all the subsidiaries of the ESS Group.

+237 233 43 11 58