1 May 2023: International Labour Day

The 137th International Labour Day was celebrated under the banner of inclusion, commitment and work. During this day, we enjoyed a moment of relaxation and sharing in a good atmosphere. We had the opportunity to appreciate the many talents of the ESS Group! #LabourDay2023 #inclusion #engagement #work 

First listing of the "BDEAC 6% NET 2022 - 2029" bonds

On 15 February 2023 at the headquarters of the BOURSE DES VALEURS MOBILIERES DE L'AFRIQUE CENTRALE (BVMAC), the first listing of the "BDEAC 6% NET 2022 - 2029" bonds issued by the Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC) took place. All "BDEAC 6%NET 2022-2029" bonds are now available to regional and international investors and can be traded on the secondary market. Emrald Securities Services Bourse, which was a member of the consortium of arrangers and lead managers during this transaction, once again confirms its commitment to the financing of the economies of the sub-region and to the achievement of …

First listing of "EOG 6.25% NET 2022-2028"

It was in front of an audience of Central African financial market professionals, Gabonese and Cameroonian officials and others, that on January 26, 2023, the first quotation of the "EOG 6.25% NET 2022-2028" bond at the headquarters of the BOURSE DES VALEURS MOBILIERES DE L'AFRIQUE CENTRALE (BVMAC) sounded several bells.


GABON REITERATES ITS CONFIDENCE IN ESS BOURSE TO MANAGE ITS NEW BOND ISSUE The Gabonese State renews its confidence in the stock exchange company Emrald Securities Services Bourse (ESS Bourse), by awarding it once again the role of lead arranger and lead manager for the organisation of a new bond issue through a Public Offering called EOG 6.25% NET 2022-2028. This is a consequence of the success of the last Gabonese bond issue "EOG 6% NET 2021-2026" carried out by ESS Bourse and which successfully closed at FCFA 188.82 billion (instead of the expected XAF 175 billion). It is on …


Emrald Securities Services Group supports the State of Gabon On Tuesday 10 May, the Emrald Securities Services Group, represented by its Chairman and CEO Mr Christian Din Dika, signed an agreement with the State of Gabon, represented by the Minister for Investment Promotion, Public-Private Partnerships and the Minister for the Improvement of the Business Environment, Mr Hugues Mbadinga Madiya, Mr Hugues Mbadinga Madiya and the Minister of Commerce and Small and Medium Enterprises Mr Yves Fernand MANFOUMBI, of a memorandum of understanding aimed at defining a framework of cooperation in order to achieve their common objectives of promoting Gabonese SMEs …